FGC:Episode 02 Cut 191

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The rear gantry disengages. The Eva staggers forward slightly.
HeWhoPostsStuff: While Ikuto Yamashita said outright that the guide words for designing the Evas were "enormous power restrained", several times in the series, this being one of the first, I see them depicted more as "enormous power dormant" instead. The loosely-hanging arms, the slouching shoulders, the drooping head, all suggest a "puppet-like" stance, and in all honesty I think that this is even more effective in building a sense of fear and apprehension about the Evas than the "restraints" (in the form of their "armor") are. The feeling is that, instead of the creatures' massive strength eventually bursting through whatever meager barriers were put there to hold them back, they really have nothing standing in their way, and are simply biding their time, to violently lash out unopposed whenever the urge strikes them. It enhances the sense of a conscious mind behind the fear-inspiring power, in my view.

Reichu: It is true that, when it comes down to it, the various checks placed upon the Evas can be rendered utterly useless. However, I do think that they make things somewhat more difficult for an Eva to act on her own. She may be a "giant just barely under the control of mankind" (as Yamashita put it), but, in EVA-01's case anyway, she has to pick and choose those moments when she breaks free carefully. But, heh, not to get ahead of thingsā€¦