FGC:Episode 02 Cut 079

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

02 C079a.jpg

02 C079b.jpg

02 C079c.jpg

Shinji, with Misato further in.

Housewife B (OFF):“Yes. I never dreamed that this city would become a battlefield.”

Housewife A (OFF):“I know what you mean. My husband's saying that our kid and I should evacuate, at the very least.”

The two housewives pass in front of Shinji, after which he hangs his head

Housewife B (OFF):“Evacuate, huh? This city may be a fortress, but that's no guarantee of safety.”

Housewife A (OFF):“Yesterday's incident… Just remembering it gives me the chills.”

Shin-seiki: (078~080) If you pay attention, you will note that the voices of Housewife A belongs to Yuko Miyamura (Asuka) and Housewife B to Megumi Hayashabara (Rei). They're utilized quite a few times in the first few episodes for background voices and bit parts.