FGC:Episode 01 Cut 285

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FGC:Episode 01 Cut 285

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Her expression turns to one of conviction and complete seriousness.

Misato:“… We can do it.”

Reichu: Considering she knows virtually nothing about the Evas' true nature at this point, Misato seems to accept this event so easily. Has it even crossed her mind why this “giant mindless robot” would bother going out of its way to protect a pathetic little human?

Dr. Nick: A good officer knows when to trust her intuition.

DeepThought: I have a big issue here with the ADV dub. Whereas “We can do it” seems to suggest that the recent revelation of EVA-01 acting alone has given them hope in a victory, kind of like an omen, the dub confuses things. When we hear her say “It's him!”, immediately it assumes that Misato must have known that EVA-01 is connected to Shinji and that he is, for lack of a better term, “the chosen one”.

Reichu: I should point out, Misato's line in Japanese is simply, “Ikeru”, just a verb alone, with the subject merely implied from the context. Of course, translators seem to be up in the air as to exactly who she was talking about. Is it “He (Shinji) can do it!” or “We can do it!”? I prefer the more general “we”, myself, since it would encompass Shinji anyway. Still, even “It's him!” and “He can do it!” are different things. I guess they ran out of ideas when they were trying to fit something in English into Misato's available lip flaps. “Screw the literal meaning… Just think of something that fits!”