Duel of the Seeds

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Duel of the Seeds

Adam on Spear

This theory refers to the idea that the dominance of Lilith-based life on Earth was determined by the outcome of a primordial battle that took place between Lilith and Adam (with the name referring to the battle itself, as well).

It is known from the Classified Information that Lilith is essentially an impostor on Earth, whose Black Moon collided with the planet (= First Impact) after Adam's own arrival, and that, obviously, the "true successors from the lost White Moon" (Adam's offspring) were deprived of the Earth. The show contains an image of Adam being excavated (see figure), wherein the tines of the Spear of Longinus are visible emerging from her back -- i.e., she's skewered on it. This theory originated on the basis of the aforementioned image when Shin-seiki offered that Lilith is the one who did the skewering[1].

The concept of a full-fledged duel -- perhaps echoing that between Eva-01 and Eva-02 in Episode 24 -- gained further momentum early in 2006[Source needed], spurred on by initial glimpses into the Neon Genesis Evangelion 2 Classified Information (intimations that every Seed of Life was sent with her own Spear, for example) and various theoretical dabblings. This theory fell into the Radioactive Waste category with the translation of parts of the CI that revealed that each Seed came with its own Spear, and led to the idea that Adam had simply been skewered upon it own Spear.

However, recent reevaluation of CI material does not actually rule out Duel of the Seeds, and neither does it suggest that Adam was skewered upon its own Spear - Adam may very well have been skewered upon Lilith's Spear in the Duel of the Seeds and left frozen in the equivalent of the lake below the Geofront, before being "reactivated" with its own Spear during Second Impact. The details for this possible resurrection of Duel of the Seeds are soon to come.