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Ashinoko(芦ノ湖 Ashi no ko, Lake Ashi), or Hakone Lake, is a scenic lake in the Hakone area of Kanagawa Prefecture in Honshū, Japan. It is a crater lake that lies along the southwest wall of the caldera of Mount Hakone, an extinct complex volcano. The lake is known for its views of Mt. Fuji and its numerous hot springs. Several pleasure boats and ferries traverse the lake, providing scenic views for tourists and passengers


Tokyo-3 was built on the north shore of the lake, on the site of pre-Second Impact Hakone.

The explosions from the deaths of the Angels Israfel and Sahaquiel created large impact craters on the outskirts of Tokyo-3, which eventually filled in with water to become new artificial lakes, dubbed the 2nd and 3rd Ashinoko lakes. The self-destruction of Eva-00 to defeat the Angel Armisael destroyed a large swath of Tokyo-3, on its southern side near the shore of Ashinoko, resulting in an even more massive crater which water from the lake spilled into, creating a large new artificial lake.